Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GreenSpaceTM: Locomotion

Here's a demo of the base male and female characters from GreenSpaceTM. They inhabit a massive environment within the game (See Brad Cayford's sweet background art below) so we needed ways of getting them around quickly so that players don't get bored during the commute. Short distances=Walk. A little farther=Hover. Across the board=Teleport. (Be sure to fullscreen it in HD).Up next: FUNNY LOOKING OUTFITS!


Ben Reynolds said...

Dude that animation (and this game) look AMAZING!! What platform will this be on? Online somewhere?

Jamie Gallant said...

Thanks Ben,
GreenSpace'll be on Facebook next month. And On the "i" devices shortly after that.

Great to hear from you! Say hi to black haired Lauren for us, and congratulations to you both.

Ben Reynolds said...

hhaha..will do man!! and keep me updated when the games love to play it!