Monday, March 15, 2010

11 Second Club, February 2010

My entry into the Feb. 2010 11 Second Club Animation Competition. I was able to reuse a character from a Valentine's Day themed animation I had done earlier in the month. When I submitted this it was entitled "The Missing Inbetween Shuffle", but I went back and added the extra drawings after the fact.

JGallant_11secondclub_Feb.2010 from Jamie Gallant on Vimeo.


Andy said...

Bloody great! Awesome work man.

Nicol3 said...

Love it love it love it-- 'specially the hair. Thanks for linking to your blog via reply post!

Jamie Gallant said...

Thanks Guys.

Nicole, to answer your clean up question from an earlier post:
I used the line tool on the larger shapes and the brush tool for the details. Then I converted all of the lines to fills so that I could add line weight and taper where necessary.

geiger said...

so awesome!

Noor Mohammed said...

Hey Jamie,
It is cool man. You have promosing talent. If you could able to do more fine tuning on the character design, I am sure you will get the top score.The animation and the step selection are great!